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The fourth group of volunteers of Barev Trails eco-tourism development project has completed its work in Dsegh, Lori region

On September 21, volunteers from the UK, Germany, Spain and Switzerland arrived in Armenia for a week to participate in the fourth phase of Barev Trails Ecotourism Development Project which took place in Dsegh village of Lori region.

This phase of the project was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of famous Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan and aimed at developing ecotourism infrastructures in his birthplace.

The project was initiated by WWF Armenia and Swiss Wesser Foundation, supported by the "Trails for change" NGO. The project is aimed at the development of ecotourism in the protected areas of Armenia.
During a week the group performed the following activities:
  • improved "Gikor" and "Dsegh" hiking trails, as well as one biking trail,
  • installed 12 informational signs describing the flora and fauna of the area, 3 sighboards about historical and cultural sites of the area and 19 directional signs,
  • placed 2 informational booths at the start points of the trails to provide visitors with the comprehensive information about the trails,
  • Hovhannes Tumanyan's Augmented Reality (AR) sign has been installed at the start point of one of the hiking trails allowing visitors to scan the image with ARLOOPA app and enjoy stories about Dsegh and H. Tumanyan,
  • at the start point of the "Gikor" hiking trail a QR-code sign has been placed to download Tumanyan’s one of the famous works "Gikor" (in Armenian and English) and listen to it while walking the trail,
  • a complete marking of the trails according to the international standards has been implemented,
  • roads accessibility at the most difficult parts of the trails have been improved, 
  • the wall of the Dsegh secondary school’s lobby has been painted with nature scenes. 
Volunteers also had an opportunity to visit a number of historical-cultural sites and natural monuments, getting acquainted with Armenian culture and wildlife.

The goal of the project is to improve the ecotourism infrastructures in the protected areas of Armenia and to promote the development of Armenia’s image as an ecotourism destination.
Barev Trails 4
Barev Trails 4
Barev Trails 4