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The results of a wild animal attack in Yenokavan are already disclosed

On November 19, 2019, news spread that a villager was attacked by leopard in Yenokavan. Leading environmental organizations started investigations and installed camera traps in the area. The results of the investigation were presented at a press conference on February 24, 2020 at the press office of the Armenpress news agency.

Director of the WWF Armenia Karen Manvelyan noted that as a result of fieldwork, specialists have found tracks of felid. The animal's hair were taken as samples from the victim's jacket and sent to Germany for laboratory examination. According to the results, the animal was a lynx, not a leopard.

Despite the results of the study, Arman Gabrielyan, the victim of the animal attack, still insists and is pretty sure that it was a leopard.

FPWC director Ruben Khachatryan and NABU Armenia director Narek Grigoryan also noted that installed camera traps did not record a leopard. According to Mamikon Ghasabyan, Head of the Vertebrate Zoology Laboratory at the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology, leopard populations are unlikely to occur in the area, especially given the fact that Bezoar Goats are not spread in the area which are the leopard’s main prey species.
The specialists admitted that they will not stop the research in the region and as soon as any new information comes out, the results will be published.
Yenokavan PA
Yenokavan PA
Yenokavan PA