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We love diversity because it helps to bring perspective, different approaches and better teamwork overall. Everyone’s input is valuable from individuals to business, NGO or government representatives. All of us can work together to protect our home. There are teams of WWF experts all over the world, working from 100 countries to protect the world’s natural resources., as well as 5 000 000 supporters from all over the world.

Without donor support and partnership we would not be able to achieve successful results. We thank our donors and partners among which are Ministry of Environment, Norwegian Government, CNF, German Government ( BMZ), KFW, European Union, WWF Germany, WWF Switzerland, WWF Norway, CEPF, UNDP, GEF, IDeA Charitable Foundation, HSBC Bank Armenia, Ayb School, KPMG and many others for their valuable contribution to protection of natural environment and biodiversity in Armenia.