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Values & People
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WWF’s common set of valuescourageintegrityrespect and collaboration make clear what we care about and how we work when we’re at our best.
We will at all times respect the rights of our colleagues, welcome the strengths of our differences, enjoy the richness of diversity, treat each other with dignity and respect, encourage teamwork and collaboration, foster an atmosphere of candor and openness, whilst always condemning all forms of discrimination and political maneuvering.
WWF is committed to a culture which allows people to safely raise concerns of inappropriate conduct by employees of WWF, its partners and people associated with WWF, without fear of reprisals.
Likewise, local communities or individuals from those communities who believe they are negatively impacted by WWF’s activities are welcome to send their concerns to the following link:   https://report.whistleb.com/en/wwf



The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has established a mechanism to receive and respond to suggestions and concerns raised by stakeholders who may be affected by WWF-supported conservation activities as a key means to strengthen implementation of WWF’s Environmental and Social Safeguards Framework.
Addressing the needs of the stakeholders, especially local communities in a timely and effective way improves mutual understanding, strengthens accountability and provides a foundation for increased collaboration. 
You can submit your suggestions and concerns using the following links.

If there is one thing that we believe in, it's the idea that anything is possible when people come together.

© WWF Armenia
Our People

We are proud of our determined and experienced team of experts who work together to achieve sustainable development, raise awareness and encourage others to join us in our mission to impact the world. Each and every one of us is invested in protecting our biodiversity, and caring for our planet.