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Climate & Energy

Preserve our planet for future generations

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Climate changes threaten everyone and everything, and Armenia is no exception with a noted shrinkage in water supplies, signs of desertification and deforestation.

Why does it matter?

The entire planet is feeling the effects of climate change. Things are getting warmer. Armenia is already experiencing issues including deforestation and illegal logging and desertification complicated by issues of high usage of solid fuels. If efforts aren’t taken against climate change we risk experiencing wildfires, drought, and extremely unstable weather events as well as a decrease of our precious biodiversity in Armenia.

Did you know?

In terms of solar energy, Armenia receives 1,720 kilowatt hours per square metre of sunlight every year. In Europe the average is 1,000!

© WWF Armenia
What is WWF doing?

WWF works with the local government to combat adverse effects of climate change, especially with programs fighting deforestation and increasing forest resilience. More resilient forests can naturally withstand the effects of climate change including drought, frost, floods on agriculture and help to improve biodiversity. We work to promote the use of renewable energy and incorporate the use of alternative energy sources in order to decrease the negative impact that we leave on nature.

WWF raises awareness about the impacts of climate change, cooperating with the educational institutions, state bodies, local communities and NGOs. 

© WWF Armenia