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Sustainable Production of Food in the Communities
© WWF Armenia

WWF assists development of diverse communities in Armenia, by resolving environmental and social problems in the same time, creating alternative sources of income, and mitigating the load humans impose on the nature.

In integrity, these steps directly facilitate addressing food problems faced by families, and help the communities to organize production and sale of local products in a more sustainable way.


© WWF Armenia

In this regard, a series of projects led by WWF with involvement of partner institutions made it possible to develop production of dried fruits, continuous collection and production of herbs, and bee-keeping in several communities, to build centers of bee-keeping, and agricultural and veterinary servicing, where one could get also additional services such as consulting, diverse veterinary services, acquire versatile livestock-farming goods and medicaments, to provide agricultural machinery to many communities, build hostels and tourist centers.

WWF provided more than 7000 fruit tree seedlings to several communities; fruit orchards were planted, and drinking water systems were built or restored.   

Owing to the realized projects, it now appears possible to restore gradually the over-exploited and deteriorated land areas.