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Barev Trails

Ecotourism Development Project

© WWF Armenia

There is a possibility of developing eco-tourism in both protected areas, and those that are catching one’s eye by their specific biodiversity.

This may help to alleviate the economic problems faced by the communities that are associated with nature conservation. Developed tourist infrastructure specifically, tracks, bill boards, observation sites, bridges and other important guide signs for tourists, is needed for eco-tourism development.

In view of this, WWF Armenia undertook certain efforts, supported by volunteers’ help, in an attempt to resolve this problem and launched the Barev Trails Project.

© WWF Armenia

With the help of volunteers, hiking and cycling trails were created within the area of the planned Tatev National Park, the Arpa Protected Landscape, at the Gndevaz settlement adjoining the state sanctuaries of Herher and Jermuk Forest, as well as in the forests adjacent to the Dsegh Community of Lori region, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of H. Toumanian.

They installed guide signs, billboards presenting information about the biodiversity and the heritage of nature and culture, carried out works to improve the hiking and cycling tracks, built observation posts, bridges and other.

Moreover, after the tracks were mapped using GPS devices, the maps of tracks and informative materials were prepared and distributed among the stakeholders. In the meantime, volunteers visited sightseeing sites in Armenia and got acquainted with country's cultural heritage and nature. Within the frameworks of the project, Fam Tours were organized for tour-operators and media representatives, and www.barevtrails.am website was established.

The communities where the volunteers stayed, have developed local tourist business, and got big experience in working with tourists.