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The Transboundary Joint Secretariat

3rd Phase (TJS-III)

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Project Objectives

  • To analyse continuously the development of the ecotourism sector
  • To develop and encourage participatory approach contributing to socio-economic development of communities adjacent to protected areas
  • To introduce protected areas as ecotourism centers
  • To revise the Ecotourism Conservation Program (ECP) taking into consideration the sectoral developments, the experience of various programs, as well as the requirements of civil society and the ministries of environmental protection of Armenia
  • To develop Special Operational Fund (SOF), used and recognized as a financial tool for the activities of transboundary goals
  • To implement the Special Operational Fund’s in-country action package

© WWF Armenia

  • Reports are submitted to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and German organizations at a semi-annual basis
  • Current consultation on the implementation of the Financial Participatory Approach (FPA) within the frames of Support Program for Protected Areas and Ecological Corridor’s Project 
  • Organization of regional workshops for FPA practitioners
  • FPA implementation for Teghut and Haghartsin communities of Dilijan NP
  • Development of Ecotourism Sustainable Development Plans for chosen Protected Areas ("Lake Arpi" and "Dilijan" NPs) in compliance with Europark standards
  • Development of "Dilijan" NP marketing plan
  • Development of transboundary ecotourism proposals, organization of transboundary meetings, familiarity trips for tour operators for Lake Arpi NP and Javakheti PAs
  • Organization of familiriaty trips about transboundary ecotourism for the representatives of the Ministry of Environment and PAs to Germany, Italy and Slovenia
  • Participation of PAs in ITB Berlin International Tourism Exhibition
  • Participation of PAs in IntourExpo Exhibition
  • Organization of national and regional workshops for ECP updates
  • Promoting regional collaboration on biodiversity monitoring
  • Establishment of an online database of transboundary monitoring
  • Organization of a study tour on transboundary monitoring for representatives of the Ministry of Environment and the Protected Areas of Armenia to Bavarian Forest National Park (Germany) and Šumava National Park (Czech Republic)
  • Organization of monitoring experience exchange for the representatives of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia in Bavarian Forest  National Park (Germany)
  •  Within the Birdwatching Festival, a regional study tour was organized for the representatives of the SPNAs of Armenia to a number of PAs in Georgia 
  • Supporting the Red Deer Reintroduction Program in Armenia (construction of a Breeding center in Dilijan National Park, acquisition and care of individuals) 
  • Financial support to ‘’Fauna biodiversity and Conservation Issues - 3 " International Conference
  • Installment of 8 security cameras for the needs of Dilijan NP
  • Assessment of the market value of buildings and constructions of Gilanlar village adjusent to Khosrov Forest State reserve
  • Development of Passport for Shaki  Waterfall Nature Monument
  • Improvement of  Stepanavan Dendropark tourism infrastructure
  • Supporting Goravan Sands  and Khor Virap state sanctuaries’ rehabilitation programs (acquisition of two shelters for inspectors)
  • Provision of an off-road vehicle and fire fighting equipment for the needs of "Jrvezh" forest park
  • Provision of an off-road vehicle for the needs of the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body
  • Technical assistance to the Environmental Protection and  Mining Inspection Body (computer equipment, office supplies, office furniture and  boots necassary  for field works)

© WWF Armenia
In Process

  1. Updating FPA Manual
  2. Developing FPA reference book (including stories of experience acqiured)
  3. Summary of  Ecotourism sustainable development plans for  Arpa lake NP and Dilijan NP
  4. Development and summary of  Ecotourism sustainable development plan of  Khosrov Forest State reserve  
  5. Translation of Dilijan NP marketing plan
  6. Summarizing the works on development of transboundary ecotourism proposals  of Arpi Lake NP and Javakheti  PA, organization of transboundary meetings
  7. Analysis of ecotourism management gaps in SPNAs and organization of trainings
  8. Implementation of infrastructure investments envisaged by  Ecotourism Sustainable Development Plans (Initial small-scale investments) 
  9. Summarizing the works on web site development for the  Protected Areas of Armenia 
  10. - Development of Branding Concept and Guidelines for Protected Areas of Armenia; 
  11. Publication of updated EEP Plan 
  12. Organisation of Presentation 
  13. Capacity Building of SPNAs managers and key staff through participation in  training programs,  study tour to foreign SPNAs, international training programs, workshops and conferences
  14. Summary of Trainings on Transboundary Biodiversity Monitoring of the Arpa Lake NP and Javakheti PA, summizing the works on establishment of online database of transboundary monitoring, organization of transboundary meetings
  15. Launch of a new stage of supporting the Red Deer Reintroduction Program in Armenia (facilitating the safety and protection of the breerding center, infrastructure improvement, acquiring new individuals, staff capacity building) 
  16. Further implementation of the national action package of  Special Operational Fund (SOF) based on the needs of the RA MNP and other partners

Project financed by: BMZ/KfW
Project duration: 2015-2020
Project implemented by: WWF Caucasus Office, consultant: AHT Group, WWF Armenia